Unveiling the Best Play Zone in VR Mall Surat

The Premier Play Zone in VR Mall Surat

Step into the enchanting world of Jus Jumpin, an indoor play zone situated in the heart of VR Mall Surat. With a vibrant kids play area designed for endless fun and a dedicated birthday party area for magical celebrations, every moment at Jus Jumpin is brimming with excitement. It’s not just an indoor playground; it’s a realm where joy knows no bounds.


There is a lot to explore, Some of theme are …


Donut Slide

It is an exciting game where anyone can sit in inflatable donut-shaped tubes at the top of a slide, typically made of smooth, slippery material. They then slide down the slope, often racing against friends or trying to complete the slide in the fastest time possible.


Ninja Game

It is an exciting indoor game where children showcase stealth and agility. Children take turns trying to tag opponents without being seen or touched. The game demands quick reflexes and strategic movements, as players strive to eliminate rivals and become the ultimate ninja.


Sand Pit

It is a fun game where children jump and play in a designated area filled with soft, kinetic sand, offering a unique tactile experience combined with the excitement of bouncing.

Wave Slide

It is a game where kids slide down a giant inflatable slide shaped like ocean waves, experiencing a rush of excitement and laughter as they glide down.


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Testimonials from the Play Zone in VR Mall Surat

You guys’re making us proud with 1000+ reviews on google. Some of those are…

"It is very good place for fun, children enjoy, but I suggest below five years child should be separate game place and special care for children under five years. But overall good 😊."

Suchita Singh


"I planned my son's 8th bday in jus jumping Noida.....n I must say it went mind blowing....the staff ,the decoration and everything was just perfect....Thanku to the team of jus jumping...."

Puneeta Bhatia


"Best experience ever had Very beautiful decoration very good hospitality five stars from our side Highly greatful to your staff also all are very nice and cooperative"

Ojasvi Tehri


For More Information


Jus Jumpin, the best kids play zone in Surat is situated at VR Mall, near Dumas Road,New Magdalla, Gujarat 395007.

Entering the kids’ amusement centre costs Rs 400 for a 30-minute session, Rs 500 for a 1-hour session, with compulsory anti skid socks priced at Rs 50.

Jus Jumpin offers an array of engaging indoor activities designed to enhance both physical and mental well-being in children. From the thrilling donut slide to the interactive sandpit, our diverse games provide a stimulating environment. Additionally, our venue is the perfect choice for celebrating birthdays, featuring a delightful in-house restaurant for a memorable experience.

Jus Jumpin, kids activity zone and the ultimate birthday party venue, is reachable 24*7. Reach us anytime at 7984798352.

Jus Jumpin is open from 11 am to 9:30 pm every day.

Experience unforgettable birthday celebrations at Jus Jumpin Surat! Our venue offers the perfect setting for creating lasting memories. Indulge in delectable cuisine at our in-house restaurant, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for your special day.