Jus Jumpin's Kids Play Area at Junction Mall , Durgapur

Thrilling Adventures Await: Kids Play Area at Junction Mall, Durgapur

Embark on a journey into the vibrant world of Jus Jumpin , Durgapur ’s Kids Play Area at Junction Mall ! Planning a fantastic birthday party at this exciting and lively places. Look no further! Our thrilling rides and engaging games will have your little ones jumping with excitement. Jus Jumpin in Durgapur promises boundless happiness and unbeatable fun for your child. Nestled in the heart of the city at Durgapur play area is a haven of joy. Elevate every birthday celebration at Jus Jumpin, where unforgettable memories are made!


Birthday Theme

Select From our trending birthday themes to make your kids birthday a memorable one.  


Our Activities

Learn more about our interactive activities for the kids to enjoy and have fun at jus jumpin.

Birthday Theme

Select From our trending birthday themes to make your kids birthday a memorable one.

Our Activities


Learn more about our interactive activities for the kids to enjoy and have fun at jus jumpin.

Little Adventures : Inside the Kids Play Area at Junction Mall


There is a lot to explore, Some of theme are …


Donut Slide

It is an exciting game where anyone can sit in inflatable donut-shaped tubes at the top of a slide, typically made of smooth, slippery material. They then slide down the slope, often racing against friends or trying to complete the slide in the fastest time possible.


Ninja Game

It is an exciting indoor game where children showcase stealth and agility. Children take turns trying to tag opponents without being seen or touched. The game demands quick reflexes and strategic movements, as players strive to eliminate rivals and become the ultimate ninja.


Sand Pit

It is a fun game where children jump and play in a designated area filled with soft, kinetic sand, offering a unique tactile experience combined with the excitement of bouncing.

Wave Slide

It is a game where kids slide down a giant inflatable slide shaped like ocean waves, experiencing a rush of excitement and laughter as they glide down.

Thrilled Parents Speak- Junction Mall, Durgapur 's favourite Kids Play Area

You guys’re making us proud with 1000+ reviews on google. Some of those are…

"It is very good place for fun, children enjoy, but I suggest below five years child should be separate game place and special care for children under five years. But overall good 😊."

Suchita Singh


"I planned my son's 8th bday in jus jumping Noida.....n I must say it went mind blowing....the staff ,the decoration and everything was just perfect....Thanku to the team of jus jumping...."

Puneeta Bhatia


"Best experience ever had Very beautiful decoration very good hospitality five stars from our side Highly greatful to your staff also all are very nice and cooperative"

Ojasvi Tehri



 Jus Jumpin Durgapur, the ultimate kids entertainment zone, is nestled within Junction Mall, Recol Park, West Bengal 713216.

The indoor play area for kids charges Rs 300 for 30 minutes and Rs 350 for 1 hour. Additionally, there is a compulsory fee of Rs 50 for anti-skid socks.

In an era dominated by screens and virtual interactions, the significance of physical play cannot be overstated. Jus Jumpin Durgapur recognizes this need and goes above and beyond to provide a Soft Play Zone that caters to the developmental needs of growing children. The soft play area is designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and social interaction, fostering a holistic approach to a child’s well-being. Our play area features 3-line slide, pinboard, interactive sandpit, donut slide, an iron hanging bridge and much more designed for kids’ enjoyment.

Jus Jumpin, one of the best birthday party places, is reachable 24×7. You can contact us on +91 7439806449 anytime.

Jus Jumpin is open from 11 am to 9:30 pm every day.

Experience the epitome of birthday celebrations at Jus Jumpin, where we offer the perfect venue for an unforgettable experience. Celebrate your special day with us and indulge in a culinary delight with our delicious array of food. Our commitment to providing the best atmosphere ensures that your birthday celebration is nothing short of spectacular.

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