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Welcome to Jus Jumpin City Centre 2 Mall, where laughter and joy meet adventure. Dive into our whimsical world designed especially for kids, featuring a captivating trampoline park, an aesthetically planned soft play area. Our unique birthday party ideas ensure an unforgettable celebration. Come experience the best fun zone for kids and toddlers’ entertainment hub in town.


There is a lot to explore, Some of theme are …

Foam Pit Area

Here children can experience the excitement of jumping into a pool filled with soft foam cubes. The foam pit provides a safe and cushioned landing for kids as they leap from trampolines or platforms into the pit. Children can enjoy diving, flipping, and experimenting with different jumps in this fun play area.

Snow Man

In this game, children jump on trampolines while trying to avoid being tagged by designated "snowmen" who are also bouncing around. The snowmen attempt to tag the other players, who must dodge and evade them to remain "safe." It's a fast-paced game that encourages agility and quick reflexes.

Spiral Tube Slide

It typically consists of a tall, winding tube slide that spirals downwards. Children climb to the top of the slide, often through a series of platforms or stairs, and then slide down through the twisting tube.

Square Punch Bag

It is a game where children jump on a trampoline and try to punch a square-shaped punching bag suspended from above, aiming for accuracy and speed.


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"It is very good place for fun, children enjoy, but I suggest below five years child should be separate game place and special care for children under five years. But overall good 😊."

Suchita Singh


"I planned my son's 8th bday in jus jumping Noida.....n I must say it went mind blowing....the staff ,the decoration and everything was just perfect....Thanku to the team of jus jumping...."

Puneeta Bhatia


"Best experience ever had Very beautiful decoration very good hospitality five stars from our side Highly greatful to your staff also all are very nice and cooperative"

Ojasvi Tehri


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Jus Jumpin CC2 is located in City Centre Mall, 202, Rajarhat Main Road,Newtown, West Bengal, 700157.

The indoor play area for kids charges Rs 300 for 30 minutes and Rs 400 for 1 hour. Additionally, there is a compulsory fee of Rs 50 for anti-skid socks.

Explore the amazing world of Jus Jumpin, a super fun place for kids! Feel the excitement on the sky stepper, conquer the wall climbing challenge, and slide down the donut slide with joy. Take on the daring steel pipe slide and cross the iron hanging bridge for endless adventures. Jus Jumpin is a special place where kids can have a blast, be active, and make awesome memories – a fantastic escape from screens!

Jus Jumpin, one of the best birthday party places, is reachable 24×7. You can contact us on +91 9674272300 anytime.

Jus Jumpin is open from 11 am to 9:30 pm every day.

At Jus Jumpin, your birthday celebration reaches its zenith with an unforgettable experience. Our venue provides the perfect backdrop for your special day, where culinary delights await with a delicious array of food. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a spectacular atmosphere, ensuring that your birthday celebration is truly exceptional.