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Jus Jumpin Opens Its 4th Store in Kolkata: A New Kids Play Area for Kolkata

Kolkata, India – Jus Jumpin, The ultimate kids play area has just leaped into its fourth store in the vibrant city of Kolkata. With a reputation for boundless fun and exciting activities, Jus Jumpin continues to be the go-to destination for little adventurers.

The Journey from the First Store to the 4th Store

Jus Jumpin’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From its humble beginnings to now opening its fourth store, the team behind Jus Jumpin has tirelessly worked to create a haven for kids. Their commitment to providing a safe, entertaining, and imaginative space for children has paid off.

Eastern India’s Biggest Trampoline Park

At Jus Jumpin, kids can bounce, flip, and soar to their heart’s content. The newly opened store at Axis Mall, Newtown, boasts Eastern India’s largest trampoline park. Imagine a world where gravity takes a break, and kids can defy it with every jump! From wall-to-wall trampolines to thrilling obstacle courses, Jus Jumpin offers an exhilarating experience for all ages.

Axis Mall, Kolkata: The Perfect Kids Play Area

Situated in Axis Mall, Jus Jumpin’s fourth store is strategically located in Newtown, Kolkata. The mall itself is a bustling hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining. Families can now combine their shopping spree with a dose of playtime for the little ones. Whether it’s a weekend outing or a special celebration, Jus Jumpin Axis Mall promises endless laughter and unforgettable memories.

Kids Play Area Extraordinaire

Jus Jumpin isn’t just a play area; it’s a world of imagination, laughter, and adventure. From trampolines to interactive sand pits, kids can explore, create, and make new friends. The colorful donut slide, the sky stepper, and the steel pipe slide—all designed to keep those little feet moving and hearts racing.

Come Play at Jus Jumpin Axis Mall 

So, parents, bring your little ones to Jus Jumpin Axis Mall. Let them bounce, giggle, and discover the joy of play. It’s more than a store—it’s a place where memories are made, friendships are forged, and childhood dreams take flight.

Remember, at Jus Jumpin, every jump is a step towards happiness! 

For more information and opening hours, visit Jus Jumpins website

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