Crafting Memories in Our Amusement Center

Kiddo's Kingdom Where Laughter Reigns Supreme

Step into a world of immense fun and laughter at Jus Jumpin PnM Mall Jamshedpur. Our vibrant play zone is a haven for kids, featuring a trampoline park, meticulously designed soft play area, and an array of engaging games. Let your child’s imagination soar as we host the most memorable birthday parties, offering unique themes and endless entertainment. Discover the ideal destination for kids’ joy and celebration.


There is a lot to explore, Some of theme are …


Wall Climbing

It typically involves a vertical climbing wall equipped with various holds and footholds. Adults wear harnesses connected to safety lines, allowing them to ascend the wall. The walls are typically equipped with hand and foot grips for climbers.


Donut Slide

It is an exciting game where anyone can sit in inflatable donut-shaped tubes at the top of a slide, typically made of smooth, slippery material. They then slide down the slope, often racing against friends or trying to complete the slide in the fastest time possible.


Trampoline offers an energetic and bouncy experience at the play area. It's a gravity-defying adventure where you can leap, twist, and laugh your way to a great time with friends and family.


Sky Stepper

Children can bounce and soar to new heights on this innovative attraction, enjoying a dynamic blend of aerial acrobatics and fun. It's an adventure that elevates your excitement and leaves you feeling weightless as you traverse the air with each leap.


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You guys’re making us proud with 1000+ reviews on google. Some of those are…

"It is very good place for fun, children enjoy, but I suggest below five years child should be separate game place and special care for children under five years. But overall good 😊."

Suchita Singh


"I planned my son's 8th bday in jus jumping Noida.....n I must say it went mind blowing....the staff ,the decoration and everything was just perfect....Thanku to the team of jus jumping...."

Puneeta Bhatia


"Best experience ever had Very beautiful decoration very good hospitality five stars from our side Highly greatful to your staff also all are very nice and cooperative"

Ojasvi Tehri


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 Jus Jumpin Jamshedpur, an indoor play zone for kids and an ideal spot for birthday celebrations, is located in P&M Mall, South Park, Bistupur, Jharkhand 831001.

Entering the kids’ amusement centre costs Rs 300 for a 30-minute session, Rs 400 for a 1-hour session, with compulsory anti skid socks priced at Rs 50.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the Jus Jumpin kids play zone at Jamshedpur, stands out as a haven for children, featuring an enticing trampoline that adds an extra dimension to their physical activity and unbridled fun. This vibrant space offers a delightful escape into a world of excitement and laughter, providing our youngsters with the perfect playground for energetic play and boundless joy.

Jus Jumpin, kids indoor play area and the premier birthday celebration venue, is reachable 24*7. Reach us anytime at 9831121260.

Jus Jumpin is open from 11 am to 9:30 pm every day.

Beyond daily play, Jus Jumpin Jamshedpur stands out as a premier Birthday Party Venue. Picture your child’s face lighting up as they celebrate their special day in a dedicated Kids Party Zone. From thematic decorations to exciting activities, this birthday party location ensures that every moment is filled with joy and wonder.